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2023-12-13 00:21:12
本文摘要:WHATS THE MOST rewarding way to navigate a city: paging through a guidebook, thrusting your high-school Spanish at passersby or talking to your eyeglasses?你好一个城市最差方式是什么?

WHATS THE MOST rewarding way to navigate a city: paging through a guidebook, thrusting your high-school Spanish at passersby or talking to your eyeglasses?你好一个城市最差方式是什么?翻看上下班指南,用你高中水平的西班牙语告知路人,还是和你的眼镜对话?Its not a joke question--not in the era of Google Glass. Technology has changed almost everything about how we travel. But Google seems to be hoping that Glass will be one of the biggest breakthroughs.不,这不是打趣――在有谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)的年代。科技转变了关于旅行方式的完全一切。但是谷歌或许在确信谷歌眼镜将沦为仅次于突破之一。

When I first tried Glass, in Googles loft-like showroom in New York, I was both fascinated and freaked out. Smartphones are distracting enough, and I wondered what we would lose by further integrating such gadgets into our lives. As a travel editor, I worried that people would sacrifice the human contact that makes travel experiences richer. Would we all end up staring an inch in front of our faces, consumed by virtual worlds instead of interacting with the real one?我首次试戴谷歌眼镜时,是在谷歌坐落于纽约的LOFT式展示厅,我既著迷又惧怕。智能手机就不够迟疑的了,我想要告诉,把这种设备更进一步统合到我们的生活中去的话,我们不会丧失什么。作为一名旅行编辑,我担忧人们不会壮烈牺牲丢弃与别人的认识,而与人认识是能非常丰富旅行经历的。

我们不会会最后都盯着我们面前的一英寸天地,被虚拟世界消耗,而不是与真实世界对话?I decided to take a three-day trip, not to put Glass to the test, but to explore the upsides and downsides of different ways of navigating the world. With my husband, Drew, and our 21-month-old son, Jack, Id spend one day finding my way using Glass, another relying on a guidebook and a third taking tips from locals. I chose to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico. My goals for each day were simple--to find a fun cultural activity, a great place to eat and a shop where I could buy something interesting and tasteful. Simple, but not necessarily easy.我要求去旅行三天,不是测试谷歌眼镜,而是探寻有所不同泛舟世界方式的优点和缺点。和我的丈夫德鲁(Drew)、21个月大的儿子杰克(Jack)一起,三天用了三种方法来去找路:一天是用谷歌眼镜、一天是靠上下班指南,一天则是向当地人求救。我自由选择波多黎各的圣胡安作为此行的目的地。

我每一天的目标都很非常简单:寻找一项有意思的文化活动,一个爱吃的地方和一个可以卖到有意思和有品位东西的商店。非常简单,但是不一定更容易。The first morning, we stepped out of our rental apartment in Old San Juan, a walled, centuries-old neighborhood on the Atlantic coast. I tapped the side of Glass--half-hidden under my hat--to wake it up, and shifted my focus up to the screen, feeling slightly cross-eyed. I wanted to show off to my tech-savvy husband, but wasnt sure where to start. OK Glass, I said tentatively, using the introduction to most of Glasss voice commands. I settled on explore nearby. Googles Field Trip app began to display attractions in a slideshow of cards I could swipe through by touching the side of Glass. El Yunque National Forest, a spectacular rain forest, was first--and an hours drive away.第一天早晨,我们从在圣胡安老城(Old San Juan)同住的公寓抵达。圣胡安老城是大西洋海岸一个具有城 的区域,早已有几个世纪的历史。


于是我试探性地说:“OK Glass”,这是谷歌眼镜包括多数语音指令菜单的启动语。我指定了“探寻附近”一项。

这时,谷歌的Field Trip应用于开始以幻灯片的形势展出一系列景点的“卡片”,我可以通过触摸屏镜架上的触摸板来翻阅。第一个经常出现的是埃尔云克国家森林(El Yunque National Forest),这是一片令人叹为观止的雨林,一小时车程之后可到达。How about we just go into this one? Drew said, indicating Castillo San Cristóbal, a Spanish-built fortification across the street. Standing on its plaza overlooking the ocean, I asked Glass for details about the site. That took a few minutes, thanks to my inexperience and some stuttering on Glasss part (its still technically in advanced beta). But finally I read aloud some history: Construction...finished in 1790, though modifications were made well into the--德鲁说道:“我们去这里怎么样?”他说道的是圣克里斯多巴城堡(Castillo San Cristóbal),这是街对面的一座由西班牙人修筑的堡垒。


但最后我还是需要大声朗读这个城堡的部分历史:“竣工于1790年,但重修工程仍然持续到……”18th century, Drew interrupted.德鲁停下来我抢走着说道:“18世纪。”How did you know that?“你怎么告诉的?”Its on the plaque over here. Humans 1, Glass 0! he crowed.他掌声着说道:“这边的解释板上写出着呢,人类得1分,眼镜0分!”The view of the water beyond the fort was gorgeous, especially framed by its stone walls. OK Glass, I commanded. Take a picture. After a pause and a tone, I had a shot of the Atlantic through the tiny window of a guard turret. Wowza.城堡远处的海景美极了,特别是在是在石 的围困下。我又收到指令:“OK Glass,照片”眼镜在中断了一下并收到了一声响后,摄制了一张警卫队炮塔狭小窗户外大西洋的照片。The picture was a little crooked, and wider than Id expected. In fact, with no way to preview or focus, the results with Glass were always a bit of a surprise. But the ability to take a photo or video in an instant was thrilling. No scrambling for a camera, no missing the moment. Jack, who has a frustrating habit of stopping whatever cute thing hes doing when a camera appears, was oblivious to Glass. (My husband, however, started posing whenever I glanced his way.)照片有点扯,而且比我预期的更加长。


杰克有一个让人玩笑的习惯,那就是一旦照相机经常出现,不管他在干什么冷笑话的事都会停下,但他对谷歌眼镜却几乎没察觉到。(不过,我丈夫却开始每次我朝他看过去的时候就开始挂造型。)Are guidebooks dead? I hope not, since I rely heavily on them--as well as newspaper and magazine articles, websites and tips from friends and others--to plan my travels. Guidebooks pack a lot of useful information into a small (or smallish) package. You can learn about history, hotels, outdoor activities and more without visiting a dozen websites. Plus, a guidebook doesnt flinch if the Wi-Fi fails.导游书该死了吗?我期望没,因为我在做到旅行计划时,相当严重倚赖这类书,以及报纸和杂志文章、网站、以及朋友和其他人的指点。


I started getting personal advice before we reached San Juan. Seeking affordable and comfortable lodging in Old San Juan, I used Airbnb to book an apartment whose bedrooms and kitchen opened onto an elegant open-air living room. The owner, Jorge, emailed me a list of local tips, including Café El Punto, a simple restaurant in Old San Juan that we probably wouldnt have found on our own--especially since its at the back of a souvenir shop. It would have been a shame to miss El Punto, since it serves authentic Puerto Rican food, includingmofongo, a mashed plantain dish that we ordered with chicken stew piled on top.在我们抵达圣胡安之前,我就开始接到个人建议了。因为必须在圣胡安老城去找既低廉又舒适度的居住于之地,我利用Airbnb以定了一个公寓,公寓的卧室和厨房都突入高雅通风的客厅。

房主豪尔赫(Jorge)通过电子邮件给我发过来一个表格,全都是当地的一些旅行提醒,还包括Cafe El Punto。这是圣胡安老城一个珍 的餐厅,光靠我们自己的话很有可能去找将近,更何况这家店的方位较为不为人知,是在一家纪念品商店的后面。错失El Punto的话不会很惜,因为这里获取正宗的波多黎各美食,还包括mofongo,这是一种把香蕉刺穿后制成的菜品,我们在点这道菜的时候又在上面特了炖鸡。

The most memorable experience did not come thanks to Glass, books or advice. One night I wandered quiet old streets until they became less quiet. In the alley between two bars, a group of older men with a few instruments performed My Way, to a Latin beat as a crowd of locals swayed and sang along. Sometimes, serendipity is the best guide.最令人难忘的体验倒是和谷歌眼镜牵涉到,也不是因为导游书或各种提醒。一天晚上,我在老旧的街道上安静地游荡,后来街上就不那么安静了。

在两家酒吧之间的巷子里,一群上了年纪的人手里拿着乐器和着某种拉丁音乐的节奏弹奏“My Way”,一群当地人一旁摆动一旁跟唱。有时候,车祸找到就是最差的导游。